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Escape Rooms are the newest form of entertainment sweeping the country.


Here's how it works: A group of players is locked in a room for a set amount of time. They must work together finding clues and solving puzzles to complete their tasks, one of which is to find a key and escape. Escape rooms offer a unique experience, demanding teamwork of players who must use visual, spatial, and analytical skills to solve the puzzles. It’s challenging, exciting, and rewarding, even if you don’t manage to get out in time.


Escape Artist DC was one of the earliest escape rooms in the area, opening its doors on April 7, 2015. Our priority has always been puzzle quality and narrative.

Each of our rooms has a compelling story you get to participate in, and our multi-level puzzles add complexity, enabling people to work on several puzzles at the same time. We pride ourselves on having little to no locks in our room. Instead, we’ve constructed and programmed several specialty props. We've also ensured our games are accessible for deaf and/or hard of hearing players.

For more about what makes us unique, check out our Why Visit Us? page, or a list of those qualities here.


Think of Escape Artist DC like a fancy cocktail: one part mystery, one part problem-solving, and two parts teamwork — with a dash of adrenaline added in for good measure.


If you're looking for a night of fun, excitement, and thrills, you're at the right place!

Are You Ready for the Thrill of a Mystery?


Stolen artwork. Political entanglement. Celebrations gone awry.


These are not the plots on a bestsellers list. These are the mysteries waiting for you to solve at Escape Artist D.C., the premiere room escape game location in Washington, D.C.


Every scenario requires you to use your intelligence and our myriad of clues to beat the clock. Solving puzzles has never been so heart pounding! Turn the tables on ho-hum and opt for pure playscape environments perfect for players with a mind for details and a heart for sleuthing.


Make your reservations with Escape Artist D.C. today!


More Fun Than D.C. Should Allow

When we opened our doors in 2015, we strove create an entertaining and fulfilling destination for those living near or visiting Washington, D.C. Located three short blocks from the Eastern Market metro and just around the corner from phenomenal eateries, we’re set up to knock your socks off with tons of cognitive fun.

Whether you are new to the concept of escape rooms or you are an escape room aficionado, we welcome you to the mysteries at Escape Artist D.C.

Accessible Fun for Families, Kids and Adults

Are you looking for fun things to do? Try one of our three themed mysteries that allow you to play Sherlock Holmes in a creative, safe environment. In each room, you take part as a character, using your cunning to successfully complete challenges, solve riddles and work up results before an alarm sounds. Crack the code in a team-building adventure that is a rush from beginning to end!


At Escape Artist D.C., we cater to all groups, including families with younger children of about age eight and up. We are also perfect for adults in Washington who want to try novel, fun and exciting indoor activities. In addition, we are happy to take our mysteries offsite for corporate team-building experiences that uniquely promote leadership and foster camaraderie.

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