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Team building

Escape games are great for team building. We have value added proposition specifically designed to foster team building. A successful team thrives on collaborative effort, communication and delegation. Listed below are some of the key elements of a strong team.

  • Communication: Success in escape games are dependent on how well the team is able to convey information to other team members. In the course of the game a gamut of visual, textual and sensory information is presented to the players. The information is very challenging for a single person to process in a limited time. Thus, effective communication is key. Reading comprehension is another skill that is most valuable in solving a problem. Though you don't have to read voluminous information, it is important to read and understand instructions to be able to successfully tackle a problem.

  • Delegation: Due to the numerous challenges testing your analytical, visual, and verbal acuity, it is important that the activity be managed in a such a manner as to exploit each team member's skill set. Each players brings a unique set of skills to the table. Thus the information need to be conveyed to the right person with the relevant skill set. Sometimes a player may reach a dead end trying to solve a problem, in such situation it will be prudent to have another team member verify and try to solve the problem with a different perspective in play.

  • Problem solving: Escape games is about problem solving. The limited time, challenges one to work under pressure and tests your ability to think outside the box and on your feet. Most problems can be solved by assessing the information and organizing it clearly. This a skill that is most valuable in real life. Effective managers harness their ability to holistically assess a challenge and organize the information such that it makes sense and leads to a logical conclusion.

Our team building events are organized to test the above mentioned skills. Prior to the activity we request all team members to complete a brief questionnaire online. We will review the results and based on your team's performance during the activity we will conduct a debriefing session after the activity is completed. We will emphasize your strong attributes as a team and weaknesses given the results of the questions submitted and your performance as a team.

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