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Changing Rooms:

Our rooms are frequently changing to keep things interesting. For example, our House of Pawns room is on it's fourth episode, each installment continuing the story line. And we've built and programmed electronic props in our rooms to replace basic combination locks. Here our rooms are constantly changing for the better. 

Fun For All Ages:

All ages are welcome at Escape Artist DC. None of our rooms are dark or scary, so children of all ages will feel comfortable. While some of the themes are more relevant to adults, there are plenty of puzzles in each room that children can solve. Whether you're young in body or spirit, Escape Artist DC is a safe choice.

No Logic Jumps: 

Each room is designed to ensure that there are no logic jumps required. This means each solved puzzle in the room will lead you to solve another puzzle. Creative thinking and logic skills are useful, but there's never an instance requiring players to make a leap of logic. This makes the game smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

Become A Part of the Story: 

Each room is designed with a clear story. Before you enter the room, a video will explain the story thus far, but you will have to discover the conclusion: do you succeed in your efforts, or tragically run out of time? This allows you to take on a character for each room. Being immersed in the story helps players get invested in the experience.


Escape Artist DC is an 8 minute walk from the Eastern Market Metro Station. It's right around the corner from Barrack's Row, a thriving collection of restaurants. Additionally, we are just a few blocks away from the Nationals Park stadium. Come play an escape room after watching a baseball game or eating a meal.

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