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If I'm unable to get 10...

If I'm unable to get 10 people to commit to a booking, will we be sharing the room with strangers?


All games are now private. You will NOT be sharing the game with strangers.

Worried you have too many advanced escapees in your company?


Don’t worry; we can increase or decrease the difficulty level of any available rooms if you let us know beforehand. Overall, bigger groups create bigger excitement in the rooms, and leave everyone with an even stronger sense of team spirit.

Worred you have to many...

I only have a few friends with me. Should I be worried about getting out in time?


Having a small group makes your escape room experience more intimate and just as fun! You may not want to try the hardest room available, but if you need any help, we're always ready to send you hints. Life is all about those small victories anyway.

I only have a few...

Can we bring kids?


Absolutely; we welcome sleuths of all ages! All themes are appropriate for children, and kids have been enjoying our mystery thrillers since our grand opening. We've had detectives as young as 7-years-old. However, we do ask that all children under ten are accompanied by an adult. The child’s guardian might be asked to sign a waiver for the children to participate.

Can we bring kids?

How are you different from other escape rooms?

We often get asked this question. We have listed a few notable features about us:

  • Our rooms are designed devoid of logic leaps and as a result, the success rates are higher, around 35-40% as opposed to nationwide being 10-20%. About 20% of our teams do not use any extra hints, which shows our puzzles are clear and logical. It takes more effort to make a logical, accessible game for everyone.

  • Many escape rooms employ 10 or more locks in their rooms. This becomes more cliched and less fun every time. We keep use of combination locks to a minimum (4 or fewer per room). Our lock counts are as follows:

    • Gallery Heist : 3 locks

    • House of Pawns: 2 locks

    • Night at the museum: 2 locks

  • Our challenges are designed so that more than one person is needed to complete them, thus encouraging collaborative effort.

  • It's not just about escape, but piecing together a story. We have a strong emphasis on room narrative.

  • We change our rooms frequently, introducing new props and plots. We introduce, improve upon, and revise puzzles monthly.

  • Our prices are affordable. In fact, you get a lot more in terms of content for 30% less when compared to other escape rooms, according to our customers.

  • Many escape rooms will usher you out when your time is up. This can feel disheartening, especially if you fail to get out and want to know what you missed. We have a policy of debriefing, where we answer questions and explain puzzles.

  • Finally, we have minimal or no use of black light. It's a crutch that many escape room designers employ because it’s easy.

How are you different...
Are we really escaping...

Are we really escaping a locked room?

Yes, that's the fun part! But if someone does need to leave, we have an emergency key available. Rest assured — a staff member is always at your service via iPad, installed in every room. We'll give you access to clues and/or hints to help you out along the way. If you don't escape in time, of course we'll let you out.

Why should I subject...

Why should I subject myself and my friend to this?


Well, isn’t the typical dinner-and-a-movie a little overdone?

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer full refunds when given a cancellation notice 24 hours in advance.

Just call or email, and we'll take care of it!

What is your cancellation...

How long does the adventure last?

It takes more than an hour, usually, depending on your arrival time; 10-15 minutes to brief in the beginning and debrief in the end, 60 minutes in the escape room, and about 10-15 minutes for group photos.

How long does the...

How early should I arrive? What happens if we're late?

Please try to arrive on time. The door will lock 15 minutes after the designated start time. This will give us enough time to do a proper introduction, get you into the room, and keep the rest of the groups on schedule for the evening. If you are more than 10 minutes late from your scheduled time, there is no guarantee that you will be able to complete the room that day, or that you will have the full time-slot previously allotted for your group.

How early should...

How often do you plan to change the themes or challenges?

At this time, the themes will remain the same unless we expand. However, we plan to add new stories, clues, and characters to existing rooms to make it more challenging and to build the story line. As far as individual challenges and clues are concerned, we plan to change them frequently to avoid spoilers.

How often do you...

What's your party (birthday, anniversary, etc.) policy?


We charge $40 for all birthday decorations when gives a one-week notice; this includes cards, balloons, and streamers. For adding flowers and party favors, there is a flat rate of $100 per room (for 10 people). You are free to bring your own decor and gifts into the room, as well as any food and/or drinks into the lobby area with proper notice. Additionally, we charge a $300 rate for engagement or proposal events, and information on customized clues can be found on our Private Events page. These events need at least a one-week notice for customized clues and to be ready by the time you come in with your partner/group.

What's your party...
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