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Great works of art are considered priceless, but the price of something is most keenly felt when it's gone missing.

In Gallery Heist, you play a team of accomplished detectives. A painting has been stolen, and the local gallery has hired your team. You must recover the painting and solve the mystery: who stole it, and what evidence can you gather against them? Unfortunately for you and your team of crime solvers, you got locked in during all the commotion, adding "find a way out" to your list of tasks.​

You and your teammates will work for about an hour to identify the culprit and retrieve the stolen piece of art.

Get on your Sherlock Holmes hat, brush off your Indiana Jones jacket and come play with us today!

A valuable painting has been stolen from the art gallery, right under the noses of daytime guards. It is up to you to crack the case and bring the culprits to justice. No make matter worse - The gallery manager, lackadaisical in his duties, does not check every room in the expansive gallery and locks you in. No worries, though. Your way out is simple: You just must find the missing artwork and figure out who stole it. 

Feeling a bit dismayed. Just look around you. All the aesthetically appealing artwork is there to view. It is also there to tell a story. In fact, if you want to win your way out, the answers you need are embedded in the artworks themselves. Now get started: You are running against a clock!

Game Escape Rooms Are Sweeping the Nation: Perfect for all Groups

Family reunions. Bachelor parties. Corporate team building exercises. They all put their trust in Escape Artist DC. Our goal as a live escape-the-room game adventure is to foster fun and mental calisthenics. When you are locked in one of our rooms, you are working as true colleagues against a countdown. You will never feel a rush like the one you get when you solve an escape room like the Gallery Heist with mere moments to spare!

We have ensured that all our D.C. escape rooms are second-to-none by focusing on making them solvable. Many other escape rooms want to lower the chances of groups beating the buzzer. Not us. We do not want you to have to make weird leaps of logic. All our escape room scenarios have logical solutions, not ones that leave you scratching your head.

Plus, we do not rely on gimmicks like having a lot of combination locks. That is a way to get stale. We set the stage for you to explore plenty of ways to solve each of our rooms to keep everyone engaged and happy along the way. Oh, and if you have already been to Escape Artist DC, do not worry about feeling like you have been there, done that. We frequently update our escape rooms so you can visit us again. Set aside some time for a new entertainment attraction: Register your group today at Escape Artist DC.

Gallery Heist
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