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House of Pawns

In the nation's capital, what's more fitting than a political-themed escape room?

In House of Pawns Episode 4, your task is to sneak into Presidential candidate Frederick O'Connor's office to discover incriminating evidence about the closing election.

Who's the corrupt campaign manager? Which two states committed voter fraud? How are you going to escape before you get caught snooping?

You do not have to have any prior knowledge of Episode 1, 2, or 3 to do this room. However, you can read the descriptions below to get an idea of the story.

Episode 2

Rumor has it that the latest Asteroid Bill will be a real game changer for overcoming America's fossil fuel dependency. As the plot thickens, you discover that the senator's old college pal may have come upon a secret formula capable of converting the asteroid's element into cheap and abundant energy. As an Alternative Energy Lobbyist, you must figure out the secret element and earn your freedom!

Episode 3

The Asteroid Bill has passed the senate and the Concorde project is on schedule. Esteemed scientist Kumar has been found dead and rumors of foul play abound. As the plot (and the smog) thickens, there are many players involved who have a motive to kill Kumar, including Frederick O'Connor and his wife (who was having an affair with Kumar). Mrs. O'Connor has a lot at stake in terms of her political ambitions if the affair becomes public.

You will be playing the role of an Oil Lobbyist working for Axeon Corp, breaking into Mr. O'Connor's office in order to obtain evidence surrounding Kumar's demise and use it as a leverage to thwart the Concorde project. You must find the evidence and the key to escape the office— all in 45 minutes!

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